Berlin Studio

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Concept & Approach
The concept of this project is to provide a main route through the site accompanied by a varied and diverse landscape. Within this landscape pavilions provide several functions, like a theatre, new media centre and restaurant. Because of the connecting nature of the design it is important to not only maintain a physical, but also a visual connection between the university in the west and the museum island in the east. Apart from the expressive shapes of the pavilions they are primarily fascilitating the content.

The design consists of three main elements. The first is a main connecting street between the university and the museum island accompanied by a green landscape. The landscape varies in height to provide a diverse base on which the buildings rest. The second element of the design is the several pavilions. The pavilions are sculptural shapes based on data collected around the site during the research phase, transformed by digital processing. To maintain a visual connection through the site and provide both transparency and privacy the pavilions are build up of vertical slices. The public areas are more transparent then the private, closed areas by variating the distance between slices.

All of the pavilions are connected by a corridor, which ensures the pavilion to be one interior space. These corridors have a distinct, but similar design language as the pavilions. Vertical, angular slices break open the horizontal slices to provide access and connectivity.

The New Media Centre and Theatre is intergrated with the landscape and the pavilions. As soon as you stumple upon the site you will see the pavilions and a glimpse of the art and media. If your interest is triggered you can walk across the landscape towards the pavilions and be further seduced by a visual interaction with the works. Also the open-air theatre will host several shows that can be viewed by anyone that is interested. Once you enter the art pavilion you can walk around the gallery space with all kinds of interactive art. Through the underground corridor you enter the public area in the main pavilion that serves as a study area, public sphere and open art area. Anyone that is around the site can send their artworks to be judged by anyone that is present. The amount of people watching the art provides a score that determines if it is good enough for the private gallery/ theatre area. In the top of the main pavilion there is a theatre with around it a gallery of the best works that have been submitted in the public area. In contrast to the fast-speed gallery downstairs this gallery is more about quality and rotates in a lower pace.

Once you have been submerged in the art, media and theatre world you can walk through the air corridor towards the restaurant where you can have a drink, a chat and enjoy the views. Ofcourse you can always start with a coffee and take the tour in reverse.