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Copy Paste trend

When luxury products are successful they have the tendency to be copied. The way this is copied can vary from using the same idea, to copying whole products completely, including its logo/ name. In the technological world this has been the case for a longer time, but in other fields this is an upcoming phenomenon. Architecture is no exception, ranging from recreating concepts to copying whole cities.

In this studio we tried to embrace this fact and push this to the limit. Using buildings of various "successful" architects we tried to milk its success and recreate the buildings for a total of 6 different functions ranging from a hospital to housing. All these projects were then used to compose the city of Varcelona, based on the Barcelona Eixample grid.

The point of this was not to create a realistic city, but more to explore the art of replication in the field of architecture. A fast paced design method to focus on the use of successful factors of a building. Changing just one factor at a time, from the context to its function.

The Why Factory used this material to publish the book "COPY PASTE Bad Ass Copy Guide" at the NAi, Rotterdam.

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