School A'dam

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<101>Primary school as an Abbey For the first semester (pre-master) of Architecture at the Technical University of Delft I made a design of an elementary school situated in the Jordaan, Amsterdam. In concept it is based on the primary principles of an abbey. It is a secluded building within the crowded city, concentrated around a courtyard that promotes education and interaction with each other. The seclusion is a way to provide a safe, familiar environment to be able to learn and grow as a person.

To ensure a connection between the interior and the courtyard, the interior facades that face the courtyard and are made of glass curtains. All the other facades that face the surrounding buildings are closed. The courtyard and walkabout are the heart of the building and provide the big interior space of the schoolblock with enough light. The structural columns with the sunshading system in between provide some kind of grandure that abbeys are known for. The other building blocks house an auditorium/ entrance, a sports hall and a school care.