Bachelor grad.

Architecture, Photography & more

For my graduation for the Hanze Hogeschool Groningen we created a walkthrough to create "greener" apartment complexes during the design phase. After a couple of months of research we were able to define eleven steps towards a (more) sustainable building that could be used by architectural firms, building contracters, consultancies, etc. The final result was a walkthrough with steps, an accompanying report, and a test case project. We contacted "KAW Architecten" to provide us with a project that was currently in the preliminary design phase. We used this project to test our walkthrough and at the same time create a more sustainable apartment complex. In the images you see the original design as handed to us and the design with our modifications. In the photograph you can see the final design as was completed with our modified elements.

The project is located at the Acaciastraat in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Photographs by KAW Architecten, see their project page for more information.

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