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I've been part of the organizing group of students involved in Indesem'13. It was really amazing to be able to organize and bring together such a great group of motivated students, speakers, tutors, and otherwise interested people.

A week long we occupied several spaces in the Faculty of Architecture to talk, draw, and think about architecture, mostly connected to the theme Scale Matters.

International Design Seminar
Indesem is short for International Design Seminar, and is held every two years at the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft, the Netherlands.

It consists of a week long workshop, combined with lectures, excursions, exhibitions, debates, documentaries and more. Since its founding in 1964, Indesem has had the honour of hosting internationally acclaimed architects, urbanists and theorists, such as Aldo van Eijck, Adriaan Geuze, Jean Nouvel, Rem Koolhaas, Michael Speaks and Ben van Berkel. In the past, Indesem was supervised by Wiek Röling, Herman Hertzberger and Winy Maas.

During each workshop, students from all over the world tackle the important current issues that have an influence on our profession. The fundamental idea of the seminar is to create an environment where students and professionals can debate. The outcome can contribute to the current architectural discussion.

Indesem'13 - Scale Matters
In this edition we aimed to discuss and question the contemporary attitude towards the ‘matter of scale’.

We explored the ability of the architect to shift scales in both organizational and practical ways. The top-down/bottom-up duality in architecture implies the use of different scales as a starting point for your project; how to decide which is the most appropriate organization and what the implications of these methods were subject of discussion. Also the technical ability to quickly zoom through the scales on your computer posed intricate questions on how to prevent getting lost between the scales.

In essence we asked ourselves this: Which level(s) of scale can we, and should we, influence?

As of 2014 I am also one of the members of the Indesem Foundation. The Indesem Foundation aims to see to it that every Indesem edition is supported and aided in the continuation of its legacy. Both in informational or financial support.

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